Solar offers services for the manufacture of parts according to drawings, development and full cycle of production of products and devices according to customer’s documentation.

One of the main activities of our company is the production of devices and parts for them, in accordance with the customer’s documentation and established requirements.

You can order turnkey equipment from us, and we will produce it, starting from the design stage and ending with the delivery of the finished product to the customer.

Laser cutting

Technology for cutting and cutting materials using a high-power laser.

Metal grinding

Grinding works are characterized by high accuracy and minimal roughness of the obtained parts.

Metal bending

The method of processing sheet metal, which allows to give the exact curved shape provided by the task to any complexity of the part, without welding, ensures monolithic design.


We perform galvanization work: aluminum anodizing, nickel plating, chroming, anode oxidation, tin-bismuth, chemical oxidation, galvanizing.

Fabrication of 3D models from plastic

3D modeling – creating a three-dimensional image of a specific object in accordance with technical documentation. We will produce the model according to the drawing, sample, sketch, customer drawing.