Department of research and development

CJSC “Spectroscopy, Optics and Lasers – Avantgarde Developments” carries out a complex of works on the development of design and technological documentation, the manufacture of individual devices according to the technical specifications of the customer. The department consists of a well-coordinated team of specialists: talented designers, highly qualified mechanical and electronic engineers, adjusters and programmers, which allows us to implement projects of any complexity.

We offer a full cycle of Research & Development process:

  • Domain consultation and analysis
  • Development of technical specifications and documentation based on the client’s request
  • Prototyping, preliminary design (visualization of the object and details)
  • Manufacture of parts: procurement operations and machining of parts (turning, milling, boring, locksmith)
  • Assembly of a product prototype / industrial design (assembly and wiring of printed circuit boards, mechanical and optical-mechanical assemblies)
  • Adjustment and verification of the product for compliance with specifications
  • Launch into small-scale/batch production or single production
  • Product packaging

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