Портативный полуавтоматический биохимический анализатор (фотометр) PM-7

Портативный полуавтоматический биохимический анализатор

Модель РМ-7

Портативный полуавтоматический биохимический анализатор РМ-7 предназначен для медицинских и ветеринарных лабораторий для проведения биохимических и иных анализов.

  • легкий и компактный
  • до 8 часов работы без подключения к электросети
  • удобный и информативный сенсорный дисплей
  • мгновенная распечатка результатов через встроенный термопринтер
  • отрытая система ь подключение к ПК и ЛИС


Designed for use in medicine, veterinary science, biology as a semi-automatic biochemical analyzer.


Solar PM-7 analyzer provides measurement at wavelengths of 340, 405, 500, 540, 570, 620, 670 (nm), providing a wide range of mathematical processing functions and the ability to store measurement results in non-volatile memory. From 1 to 7 of the above wavelengths can be installed in the analyzer PM-7.


Convenient design of the ditch compartment type "slider." The analyzer implements the use of Euro sample cuvettes with an optical path length of 10 mm. With an informative and functional touch screen, working offline (without a computer connection) is easy and convenient.

Instant Results Printout

The built-in thermal printer allows instant printing of the results of the study.

Software functions

  • Final point and kinetic measurements by factor, standard and schedule;
  • Creating and working with databases when working with a PC;
  • Create, view, and edit techniques;
  • Saves the measurement results.


  • Analyzer РМ-7
  • Polystyrene disposable cuvettes - 100 pieces
  • Special software

Additional options

  • Sample Preparation Unit РТ2110С
  • Polystyrene disposable cuvettes
  • Computer
  • Printer
Light sourceLED
Wavelengths340, 405, 500, 540, 570, 620, 670 нм
Photometric rangefrom -0,5 till 2,5 B; 0,4 до 100 %Т
Ошибка фотометрирования< 1 % when D = 1,0 B
Battery Lifestandby mode 8 h, at max. load 3 h.
Display size4.8"
Display typetouch
Power supply of the devicefrom 220-V network, 12-V network adapter
Volume of tested sample1.0 ml (macro); 0.4 ml (half-mikro)
Cuvette compartmenttermostatic 37°С
Results outputon touch display, on built-in thermal printer
Dimensions210x155x100 мм
Weight around 2 kg
TypeOptical lengthway, ммSpectral range, ммInternal sizes, ммPackage, pieces
10031MACRO cuvettes disposable polystyrene10от 340 нм10х4х44100
10032SEMI-MICRO cuvettes disposable polystyrene10от 340 нм10х4х44100
10033Glass cuvettes10от 340 нм10х10х431
Sample Preparation Unit РТ 2110С For preparation of samples by thermal stabilization Nominal temperature of thermostating 37 ° С
Sets of filters КСС-04 For instrument verification Overall dimensions of the light filter in the frame 12,5х12,5х45 мм