Spectrophotometer UV-VIS PB2201 for oil industry

Spectrophotometer UV-VIS

Models: PB2201A, PB2201B, PB2201C

Spectrophotometer UV VIS PB2201 is used in oil industry laboratories. SOLAR UVI spectrophotometers operate in the ultraviolet, visible and near infrared regions of the spectrum. The device is used in laboratories of the petrochemical industry for analysis of oil fuels, biofuels, petroleum products, oil wastes for compliance, GOST and various parameters, analysis of chemicals and materials, identification of substances of unknown composition.se of use, reliability and a wide range of measuring functions make the device indispensable for research tools at all stages of quality control of raw materials.

  • Replaceable cell holders and annexes
  • Precise measurements
  • Profitability
  • Touch screen
  • Built-in printer
  • Software support

Replaceable cell holders and annexes

The large cell section of the spectrophotometer allows to change easily and quickly cell holders and annexes for carrying out various measurements

Measurement accuracy

Double monochromatic device provides the minimum level of the disturbing radiation that guarantees high precision of measurements


The pulse xenon lamp is used as the only light source in the PVN-spectrophotometer. The service life is almost unlimited, unlike halogen and deuterium lamps. Besides convenience in operation, it significantly decreases service expenses

Operation is more simply and quicker

The stray light doesn't influence the accuracy of measurements thanks to use of pulse xenon lamp. Working with the studied samples can be carried out at open cell section. There is no need to spend time for closing and opening cover during operating time

Touch screen

To work in the autonomous mode (without connection the spectrophotometer to the computer) conveniently thanks to existence of the big display with the touch control panel

Built-in printer

Printing of measurement results without connection the spectrophotometer to the computer thanks to the built-in thermal printer

Program support

Specialists of research department and development constantly improve the "UV-VIS Spectrum" program for operation spectrophotometers with computer. "SOLAR" provides to users free updates of the program during all term of device operation.
State registry SI of RB No. 03 11 3776 08
State registry SI of the Russian Federation No. 36007
State registry SI UKE UA-MI/3p-1483-2012

Measuring functions

  • Measurement spectrum of absorption, transmission, reflection
  • Measurement of optical density, coefficient of transmission and coefficient of reflection on the fixed waves lengths
  • Definition the concentration on one, two, three lengths of waves under factor, standard, schedule
  • Multi wave kinetic measurements
  • Definition of concentration by the programmed methods
  • Calculation color and chromaticity coordinates

Delivery set

  • The spectrophotometer PB2201 A, B or C (under the additional order - any model of the cell holder (A, B or C) in addition to the basic one)
  • UV-VIS Spectrum program
  • Interface cable RS232
  • Quartz cell – 1 piece (standard rectangular with optical way length of 10 mm
Optical schemedual (with basic line)
Monochromatic devicedispersion, double with dispersion, a relative opening 1:4, with diffraction grids 1200 pc/mm
Spectral rangefrom 190 to 1100 nanometers
The allocated spectral interval2 nanometers
Accuracy of installation wavelengthno more than +- 0,5 nanometers
Reproducibility of installation wavelength, no moreno more than +- 0,3 nanometers
Step of spectral scanning0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 5.0 nanometers (choice)
Scanning speedfrom 50 up to 5000 nanometers/min.
Fotometry accuracyless than 1%
Photometric rangefrom-0,3 up to 3,0 B, from 0,1 up to 200% T
Level of the disturbing radiationless than 0,03% T on the wavelength 220 nanometers and 340 nanometers
Drift of indicationsless than +- 0,001 B per hour
Radiation sourcepulse xenon lamp
Radiation receiversilicon photo diode
Internal sizes of cell section110 x 160th 100 mm (W x D x H)
Length of optical wayup to 100 mm
ManagementThe touch display (320 x 240 points) external from the personal computer (UV-VIS Range program)
Connection to the personal computerRS232, USB2.0
Energy consumption190 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 60 VA
Dimensions410 x 340 x 160 mm (W x D x H)
Weightno more than 11 kg
Cell typeLength of optical way , mmSpectral range, mmInternal sizes, mmThickness of walls, mmPacking, pc
10033Glass cells10From 340nm10х10х431,251
10034Glass cells20From 340nm20х10х431,251
10035Glass cells30From 340nm30х10х431,251
10036Glass cells50From 340nm50х10х431,251
10040Quartz cells10From 180nm10х10х431,251
10041Quartz cells20From 180nm20х10х431,251
10042Quartz cells30From 180nm30х10х431,251
10043Quartz cells50From 180nm50х10х431,251
10044Quartz cells100From 180nm100х10х431,251
---FCC glass cells10From 340nm10х18х3731
---FCC glass cells20From 340nm20х18х3731
---FCC glass cells30From 340nm30х18х3731
---FCC glass cells50From 340nm50х18х3731
---Quartz cells10From 180nm10х18х3731
---Quartz cells20From 180nm20х18х3731
---Quartz cells30From 180nm30х18х3731
---Quartz cells50From 180nm50х18х3731
Кюветный держатель с функцией нагрева до 90 С и длиной оптического пути 100мм
Cell holder A * * Is included to the basic set of the PB2201A spectrophotometer. The automated cell holder for 3-5 cells. ("slider"). Standard rectangular cells with length of optical way from 5 up to 100 mm (5 cells). FCC cells with length of optical way up to 50 mm (3 cells).
Cell holder B * * Is included in the basic set of the PB2201B spectrophotometer. Eleven-osition thermostatically controlled cell holder. Range of temperatures is 15-60 °C. The measuring cell for one cell is equipped with the electronic magnetic mixer. Standard rectangular cells with length of optical way 10 mm.
Cell holder C* *Is included to the basic set of the PB2201C spectrophotometer. The automated five-position thermostatically controlled cell holder ("turel"). The built-in thermostat for the 10 cells. Temperature of thermostating is 37 °C. Standard rectangular cells with length of optical way 10 mm.
The automated thermostatically controlled cell holder (slider) 4 cells. Maximum temperature is 99 °C. An opportunity to measure dependence of optical density on temperature at the same time in 4 cells (function of the UV-VIS Range program).
Holder of firm samples Diameter of the set sample is from 8 to 50 mm. Sample thickness is up to 8 mm.
Annex for measurement of reflection coefficient Allows to measure absolute and relative values of reflection coefficient. The maximum size of samples is 50х50х10 mm.
The peristaltic pump with flowing cell Increases productivity at big volume of researches, it is also necessary during the work with aggressive liquids. Productivity is12 ml/min. The design prevents sticking of pump tubes!
The automated ten-position distributing device Addition to the peristaltic pump. Simplifies and accelerates process of routine measurements.
Integrating Sphere The integrating sphere is used to study the laboratory of heterogeneous laboratories of the light, food, petrochemical industries, technical control laboratory, scientific laboratories. The component is a highly reflective hollow sphere with three or four input ports and one detector (output) port. Thanks to the integrating sphere, the light scattered by the test sample is accumulated due to multiple reflections and transmitted to the detector. Additional information on request.
Set of the light filters KCC-04 For checking of the device. Range of the certified values of optical density from 0,03 to 2,0B. Spectral range from 250 to 1000 nanometers more