Spectrophotometer PV 1251C for technical control


PV1251C model

Spectrophotometer PV 1251C is used in technical control laboratories. Ease of use, reliability and a wide range of measuring functions make the device indispensable for research tools at all stages of quality control of raw materials.

  • Any techniques
  • Different types of cells (including — CPP)
  • Convenient construction of cell section
  • Operates as with the computer, and autonomous
  • High accuracy of measurements

Any modes

The spectrophotometer PV1251C is open system, the user can independently select and program necessary modes (to 100 modes)

Different types of cells

It is possible to use standard cells and CPP cells (with length of optical way from 5 up to 50 mm)


From fiberglass. It is painted with chemically resistant color

Convenient at operation

The spectrophotometer "SOLAR" is convenient for working by the laboratory assistant. Convenient construction of cells separation: the cover is removed by the slider principle - it is conveniently to remove cells. It is conveniently to operate in standalone mode (without connection of the computer) thanks to the big built-in keypad and the informative LED screen where hints are displayed

Connection to the computer

Expands possibilities of mathematical processing of results, allows to process ranges, to create and save databases, etc.

Convenient software

  • High accuracy of measurements
Existence of the double monochromatic device provides the minimum level of the hindering radiation that guarantees high accuracy of measurements

Delivery set

  • Spectrophotometer PV1251C
  • Set of polystyrene one-use macro (1 ml) or semi-micro (0,4 ml) cells - 100 pieces
  • The program for operation with computer
By the additional order
  • Glass standard cells or CPP with length of optical way 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 mm
  • Polystyrene one-use cells with length of optical way 10 mm (a set of 100 pieces)
  • USB-COM adapter
  • Computer
  • Printer
State registry SI of RB No. 14324
State registry SI of the Russian Federation No. 16361-12
State registry SI UKE of UA-MI/3p-219-2000

In case of autonomous operation (without PC)

  • Measurement of optical density
  • Measurement of transmission coefficient
  • Determination of substance concentration in the researched test according to factor, to the known concentration in the standard, according to the diagram
  • Kinetic measurements
  • Measurement of concentration under one and two lengths of waves

The "Spectrum" program in case of connection to the computer (with the PC)

  • Measurement of absorption and transmission on the fixed lengths of waves
  • Measurement of absorption and transmission spectrum
  • Concentration measurement by a single-wave method, 2nd - 3rd - wave method, using:
    a) factor
    b) calibration under one point
    c) multipoint gage curve
  • Kinetic measurements on one, two, three way lengths.
  • Automatic scale setting
  • Creating databases and working with them
  • Creating, viewing and editing techniques
  • Spectrum Calculator
  • Mathematical actions and processing of spectra (addition, division, subtraction, multiplication, finding the maximum and minimum in the spectrum, finding the area under the graph, the mean square deviation, raising the spectrum into a square, etc.)
  • Work with the entire spectrum, or with a separately selected band
  • Working with the application MatLab7
Light sourcehalogen lamp
Monochromatic devicedouble, with diffraction grids 1200 pcs/mm
Calibration on wave lengthautomatic at switching
Range of wave length315 - 1100 nm
Accuracy of wavelength installation+- 1 nm
Reproducibility of installation wavelength+- 0,5 nm
The allocated spectral interval5 nm
Diffused lightno more than 0,05% of T for 340 nanometers
Detectorsilicon photo diode
Photometric range- 0,301... 3,000 B, 0,1...200% T
Fotometry error1 %
Drift of indicationsno more than +- 0,002 B per hour
Cell sectionnot thermostatically controlled, cells with external sizes to 52,5х12,5х45 mm, with length of optical way up to 50 mm
Display of dataPC digital display / monitor
Connection to the personal computerRS232 or via the USB-COM adapter
Energy consumption230 (+-10%) V, 50 Hz, 80 BA
Dimensions325 x 295 x 115 mm
Weight8,5 kg
Cell typeLength of optical way , mmSpectral range, mmInternal sizes, mmThickness of walls, mmPacking, pc
10033Glass cells10From 340 nm10х10х431,251
10034Glass cells20From 340 nm20х10х431,251
10035Glass cells30From 340 nm30х10х431,251
10036Glass cells50From 340 nm50х10х431,251
---FCC glass cells10From 340 nm10х18х3731
---FCC glass cells20From 340 nm20х18х3731
---FCC glass cells30From 340 nm30х18х3731
---FCC glass cells50From 340 nm50х18х3731
Block of samples preparation PT 2110C
For preparation of tests by thermal stabilization
Nominal temperature of thermostatics 37 °C more
Sets of light filters KCC-02 and KCC-04
For checking of the device
Overall dimensions of light filter in frame are 12,5х12,5х45 mm more