Indicator of oil products INPF-01 EP

Indicator of oil products

Model INPF-01 EP

The indicator of products Solar (fluorimetric) is intended for determination impurity of fresh water and sewage by oil products also for definition of combustion products remains

  • It is compact (0,5 kg)
  • Operates in field conditions (from accumulators)
  • Measurement time is 5-30 seconds


The indicator of oil products INPF-01 EP is demanded in such areas as fire investigation, judicial examination, laboratories of environmental control. Also the indicator of oil products can be used at examination of the fires as an express tester to determination of oil products content in burning products


Small-sized and easy (weight is no more than 0,5 kg)

Express analyzer

Fast obtaining result. Reagents aren't required. Time of measurement is 5-30 seconds


The special target tablet should be put to water, then to place to measuring cell of the indicator and to press "Start". Result will be on screen device in 5 seconds

Operates from accumulators

It is suitable for work in field conditions. It can operate from accumulators the long time even at low air temperature (not less than 2 hours)

Built-in memory

Saves 100 measurements

Delivery set

  • Fluorimetric indicator of oil products INPF-01 EP
  • Network adapter
  • Tablets targets for measurements – 1000 pieces
By the additional order
  • Tablets targets in any quantity
  • AAA 1000mAh accumulators
  • Charging device
General principlesfluorimetric
Threshold of oil products in water definition sensitivity0,1-50 mg/dm3
Results of measurementsthe four-lower case display in relative units
Range of measurements0 - 1000 relative units
Source of initiation fluorescencelight-emitting diode with max. wavelength of the radiation 270 nanometers and half-width of spectral interval radiation of 15 nanometers
Radiation receiversilicon diode
Spectral interval of registration  fluorescence300 - 420 nanometers
Time of operating mode setting from the moment of indicator switchingno more than 1 minute
Time of continuous work: - at turning on of the indicator - during the operation in the autonomous modecontinuous, not less than 2 hours
The tablet target sizes for measurementdiameter 10х1mm 15x15x1mm
Dimensions105х180х60 mm
Weight0,5 kg
Power supply230+-23 V, 50+-0,5 Hz, 1 VA AAA 1000mAh accumulators – 2 pieces