Clotter four-channel CT2410

Clotter four-channel

CT2410 model

Clotter four-channel CT2410 is intended for detection violations of fibrillation system in medical laboratories of the medium size

  • Easy-to-work
  • Operates with reagents of different producers
  • Four measurements at the same time
  • Integral unit for preparation of tests and reagents
  • Automatic switching on


The system of hints on the clotter's built-in LCD screen during operation

Open system

Clotter "SOLAR" operates with reagents of different producers at the user's choice

High productivity

Four measuring channels – four measurements at the same time

Integral unit of preparation

Integral unit of preparation samples and reagents, including 2 cells for mixing of reagents: cooled (12 °C) and thermostatically controlled (37 °C)

Built-in timer

Built-in timer of sample incubation

Automatic switching on

Automatic switching on time counting at the time of reagent adding, also automatic switch off at the time of beginning fibrin polymerization. Electronic pipettes synchronized with clotter are not required

Result of measurement

The result of measurement is provided in seconds, percent, INR units and "Ratio"


Possibility determination fibrinogen concentration in plasma with clotting time

Connection of the printer

Possibility of connection to the printer. Printing results of research
State registry SI of RB No. 03 25 1283 14
State registry SI of the Russian Federation No. 23080-02
State registry SI UKE of UA-MI/3p-352-2002

Defined parameters

  • Clotting time
  • Trombin time
  • PTT
  • Concentration of fibrinogen
  • Factors of fibrillation II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII
  • Coagulability inhibitor: anti-thrombin III

Delivery set

  • Clotter CT2410 four-channel
  • Polystyrine one-use cells - 3000 pieces
  • Anchors magnetic one-use - 3000 pieces
  • Pippetor 100 mcl - 1 piece
  • Pippetor 200 mcl - 1 piece
  • Tips for pippetors - 1000 pieces
By the additional order
  • Device for samples preparation PT2110G
  • Printer
  • Polystyrine one-use cells
  • Magnetic one-use anchors
General pprinciplesturbidimetric
Number of channels4 (four)
Light sourcelight-emitting diode
Detectorsilicon diode
Plasma volume for one research0,1 ml
Termostating temperature(37 +-0,5) C
Indicatormultipurpose, liquid crystal
Dimensions430x330x165 mm
Weight9,5 kg
Energy consumption230 (+- 10%) V, 50 Hz, 120 VA
Cell type

Optical wave length, mm

Internal dimensions, mm

Packing, pc

Polystyrene round cells

d 8х45200

Magnetic one use anchors

d 1,8х45200
Sets of light filters KSS-003
For checking of the device
Overall dimensions of light filter in the frame is 12,5х12,5х45 mm. More