Automated photometer PA2600

Automated photometer

PA2600 model

The automated photometer “SOLAR” allows to research substrata, enzymes, electrolytes, hematologic indexes. Thanks to high performance the automated photometer can be applied as in small and medium clinic diagnostic laboratories (as the semi-automatic biochemical analyzer), and in big laboratories (as the auxiliary analyzer)

  • It is easy also convenient at using
  • Two cell holders
  • High performance
  • Independent choice of modes by the user
  • Operates with different reagents
  • Non-volatile storage
  • Possibility of connection to the printer

Easy to use

The big built-in keypad, the system of hints on the built-in screen during operation

LCD screen

The LCD screen contains 160 characters: displays parameters of the selected mode, hints, the end result of research

Cell section

Thermostatically controlled (37 °C) cell separation. The rotating cell holder for 6 cells

Additional cell holder

The incubatory unit (37 °C) for the additional cell holder. Cell holders are easily interchanged that allows not to spend time for heating of semples and accelerates research process

High productivity

The automated photometer PA2600 differs in the high productivity, especially at kinetic measurements – 6 times higher, than at the normal photometer with the one-positional cell holder: 90 kinetic measurements per hour, 200 measurements per hour under ending point

Programming of modes

The user can independently select, program and save in memory of photometer modes (up to 100 modes)

Open system

The photometer "SOLAR" works with reagents of different producers

Non-volatile storage

Storage in memory of photometer 100 programmed modes; storage in memory the last 120 results of measurements

Connection of the printer

Possibility of connection to the printer. Printing of research results
State registry SI of RB No. 03 25 1912 08
State registry SI of the Russian Federation No. 28338-10
State registry SI UKE of UA-MI/3p-1171-2008

Measuring functions

  • Measurement of optical density and transmission
  • Two-wave measurements
  • Determination of concentration under factor and standard
  • Kinetic measurements

Delivery set

  • Automated photometer RA2111
  • Polystyrene one-use cells macro (1 ml) and/or semi-micro (0,4 ml)
By the additional order
  • Polystyrene one-use cells macro (1 ml). Package is 100 pieces
  • Polystyrene one-use cell semi-micro (0,4 ml). Package is 100 pieces
  • Glass cell (1 ml)
  • Printer
Diagram of measurementsingle-channel (the 6 cells are consistently measured)
Light sourcehalogen lamp
Wavelength340, 405, 500, 540, 570, 620, 670 nanometers
Detectorphoto diode
Photometric rangefrom -0,5 to 2,5 B; 0,4 to 100%Т
Fotometry error<1% at D = 1,0 B
The volume of the researched sample1,0 ml (macro); 0,4 ml (semi-micro)
Termostating temperature37 °C, stability of keeping +-0,5 °C
Productivity Final point:up to 200 researches per hour
Kinetics:up to 90 researches per hour
Dimensions420x320x163 mm
Weight9,5 kg
Energy consumption230 (+-10%) V, 50 Hz, 80 VA
Cell typeLength of optical way, mmSpectral range, mmInternal sizes, mmPacking, pc
  10031One use polysterene MACRO cells10From 340 nm10х10х44100
  10032One use polysterene SEMI-MICRO cells10From 340 nm10х4х44100
  10033 Glass cells10From 340 nm10х10х431
Sets of the light filters KCC-02 and KCC-04
For checking of the device
Overall dimensions of the light filter in the frame is 12,5х12,5х45 mm more