Densitometer DM2120


Model DM2120

Scope of the densitometer “SOLAR” is medicine, veterinary science, biochemistry, cellular biology, etc.

  • Automatic analysis of electrophoregramm
  • Operates with different types of carriers
  • From 24 up to 48 samples in only 80 minutes
  • Convenient software

Automatic analysis of electrophoregramms

The densitometer DM2120 realizes the automatic analysis electrophoregrams, eliminates any additional manual manipulations

Open system

The densitometer DM2120 operates with various types of carriers: agarous gels, acetate cellulose films, etc. including opaque, any format, allows to use various reagents and colorants

Saving of time

All cycle of preparation, coloring, drying and the analysis of electrophoregrams 24 or 48 samples will take only 80 minutes

Connection to the computer

Displaying the results of measurements on the monitor and printer. Keeping the database of the patient, data storage, including graphic information are possible. Results can be printed with necessary comments

Convenient software

Built in systems of hints promotes fast training in work with the densitometer
State registry SI of the Russian Federation No. 20258-10
State registry SI UKE of UA-MI/3p-218-2000
Delivery set
  • Densitometer DM2120
  • PE2120 power supply
  • Elektroforetic camera CE2120
  • Program for work with the computer
  • Interface cable RS232
By the additional order
  • Sets of instruments for elektroforetic division of proteins and lipoproteins of blood serum
  • A set of vessels for electrophoresis
  • USB-COM adapter
  • Computer
  • Printer
Light sourcelight-emitting diode; lengths of radiation waves: 472, 592, 635 nanometers (it can be changed at the request of the customer)
Detectorsilicon diode
Photometric rangefrom 0 to 2,5 B
Error of measurements1%
Scanning lengthup to 150 mm
Maximum time of scanning20s
Maximum sizes of sample150x150 mm
Dimensions300x150x325 mm
Weight8,5 kg
Connection to the personal computerRS232 or via the USB-COM adapter
Energy consumption230 (±10%) V; 50 Hz; 60 VA
Elektrophoretic camera CE2120 *
* It is included to the basic set
It is intended for fractional distillation applied on an acetate cellulose film or plate with agarous gel
PE2120 power supply *
* Is included to the basic set
Programmable source of direct current with stabilization of tension
Sets of light filters KCC-003
For checking of the device
Overall dimensions of the light filter in frame is 12,5х12,5х45 mm. More