Spectral fluorimeter CM2203 for oil industry

Spectral fluorimeter

Model CM2203

The CM 2203 SOLAR spectrofluorimeter provides high-precision and stable measurements in the ultraviolet and visible spectrum regions from 220 nm to 1100 nm.

The device is used for various studies in the laboratories of the petrochemical industry: analysis of oil fuels, biofuels, petroleum products, oil waste for compliance GOST and by various parameters.

  • 4 devices
  • High precision of measurements
  • The constant allocated spectral interval
  • Automatic correction of ranges
  • Analysis of photo unstable samples
  • Program support


The device combines functions of spectral fluorimeter, spectrophosphorimeter, spectrophotometer and cemiluminometer

Accuracy of measurements

Use of two double monochromic devices provides the minimum level of the disturbing radiation that guarantees high precision of measurements

The constant allocated spectral interval

Spectral fluorimeter SOLAR differs in the wide spectral field of operation and automatically supports the constant allocated spectral interval on all scanning range that significantly increases reliability of measurements at registration wide range spectrum

Automatic correction of ranges

The measured ranges are displayed in a true form in relative quantum units

Analysis of photo unstable samples

The lamp lights not constantly, it activayes automatically at the data recording moment. It allows to investigate photounstable samples

Service life is increased

The pulse xenon lamp is used as a light source in spectral fluorimeter CM2203. The term of its service is almost unlimited unlike traditional light sources. It allows to reduce significantly energy consumption of the device and expenses for service

Program support

The control of the device and processing the results of measurements is carried out from the external computer by means of the "Universal" program. Research department specialists and developments constantly improve the program taking into account wishes and needs of users. Company "SOLAR" provides free updates of the program during all term of device operation
State registry SI of RB No. 03 11 2864 19
State registry SI of the Russian Federation No. 33844-20
  • Program  
  • Measurement ranges fluorescence and phosphorescence (excitement, emission, synchronous, polarization, temperature) also ranges of absorption (transmission) of liquid and firm samples
  • Measurement of chemoluminescence
  • Definition of samples concentration by fluorimetric and photometric techniques with use of factor, calibration under one point, multipoint calibration curve
  • Kinetic measurements on one, two, three lengths of waves
  • Measurements of relative quantum output
  • Multiwave measurements of luminescence and absorption
  • Measurement of fluorescence dependence ranges from temperature
  • Measurement of phosphorescence life time
  • Correction of excitation and emission spectra
  • Differentiation, integration, smoothing, interpolation
  • Representation of spectra in the scale of wavelengths or wave numbers
  • Arithmetic between spectra
  • Automatic search for highs and lows in the spectrum
  • Automatic and manual zoom selection
  • Output to the printer of spectra, kinetic curves, tables
  • Creation and storage of techniques
  • Preservation of conditions and measurement results
Delivery set
  • Spectral fluorimeter CM2203 (with universal cell holder)
  • "Universal" program
  • Interface cable RS-232
  • USB-COM adapter
  • Quartz cell FL – 1 piece (standard rectangular with length of optical way of 10 mm)
  • Polystyrene one use cell with optical way length of 10 mm – 100 pieces
  • Magnetic one use anchor - 200 pieces
By the additional order
  • Polarizing device
  • Holder of firm samples
  • Fiber-optical probe
  • Cell photometric holder
  • Dewar vessel
  • Set of the light filters KSS-04
  • Polystyrene one use cells with optical way length of 10 mm
  • Quartz cell FL with optical way length of 2,5, 5 or 10 mm
  • Quartz cell with optical way length of 5, 10, 20, 30 or 50 mm
  • Magnetic one use anchors
  • Computer
  • Printer
Sensitivitythe signal-to-noise ratio is not less than 160 (190) * for the Raman spectrum of water (with a spectral bandwidth of 5 nm, a wavelength of excitation of 350 nm, a registration wavelength of 397 nm, a signal averaging time of 2 sec and a recording time of 5 min)
Excitation and registration monochromatorsdouble with addition of dispersion, with automatically tunable filters that cut off higher orders of the spectrum
The allocated spectral intervalarbitrary: 0 ... 20 nm with a discrete sample of 0.1 nm. The device automatically maintains a constant spacing in the scanning interval
Wavelength setting accuracy± 0.4 nm
Reproducibility of the wavelength setting± 0.2 nm
The spectral range in the spectrofluorimeter mode220 ... 820 nm (220-920) *
Cuvette holdersingle-position thermostatable (10 ... 60 ° C with a resolution of 0.1 ° C)
Minimum sample volume1 ml in a standard 10 mm cuvette
Spectrophotometer mode
The spectral range220 ... 1100 nm
Photometric range- 0.3 ... 3 B
Accuracy of photometry<1% (depending on the absorption value)
Connecting to a PCRS232 or via the USB-COM adapter
Dimensions500x400x230 mm
The weight18 kg
Energy consumption230 (±10%) V, 50Hz, 60 VA
* Instrument parameters with improved spectral range and sensitivity characteristics
Cell typeLength of optical way , mmSpectral range, mmInternal sizes, mmPacking, pc
   For the cell universal holder, polarizing device:

Quartz FL cells

10From 180 nm10х101
  30014 Quartz FL cells5From 180 nm10х51
  30015 Quartz FL cells2,5From 180 nm10х2,51
  For the cell photometric holder:
  10040Quartz FL cells10From 180 nm10х10х431
  10041Quartz FL cells20From 180 nm20х10х431
  10042Quartz FL cells30From 180 nm30х10х431
  10043Quartz FL cells50From 180 nm50х10х431
Outdoor dimensions, mm Packing, pcs.
  22022 Magnetic one use anchorsd 1,8х5,5200
Universal cell holder *
* It is included to the basic set
One-position thermostatic controlled with the operated magnetic mixer
Range of temperatures is 10...60 °C
Standard rectangular cells with length of optical way up to 10 mm
Polarizing device
Light diameter is 25 mm
Working spectral range is 280-820 nanometers
Holder of firm samples
The maximum sizes of the sresearched sample is 100х100х15 mm
Dewar vessel
For cryoluminescent researches
Working spectral range is 320-1100 nanometers
Internal sizes of working space of vessel: diameter is 5 mm, height is 30 mm
Operating time without repeated addition of liquid nitrogen is not less than 20 min.
Fiber-optical probe
For research of samples of out of cell section
(in particular, at interface to microscope for research of microobjects)
Working spectral range is 200-900 nanometers
Working length of the probe is 1 m
Photometric cell holder
Standard rectangular cells with length of optical way from 5 to 50 mm
Sets of the light filters KCC-003
For checking of the device
Overall dimensions of light filter in the frame is 12,5х12,5х45 mm. More