Device for samples preparation PT2110C

Device for samples preparation

PT2110C model

The device for samples preparation (the dry-bulb thermostat) PT2110C is intended for thermal stabilizing of cells with the researched liquid at temperature of 37C

Distinctive features

  • Prepares at the same time 9 samples
  • Increases productivity in case of the large volume of researches


It can be used as the additional equipment to the following devices:
  • PM2111 photometer
  • Spectrophotometer PV1251C
  • Automated photometer PA2600
  • Other devices using standard cells 12,5х12,5x45 mm
State registry SI of RB No. 03 25 0081 11
State registry SI of the Russian Federation No. 16361-12
State registry SI UKE of UA-MI/3p-219-2000
Nominal temperature of a termostating37 °C
Limits of temperature ajustment from nominal ratenot less than +-1 °C
Stability of maintenance of the set temperature+-0,1 °C
Time of operating mode accessno more than 30 min.
Cells9 pieces 12,5x12,5x45 mm
Dimensions75x80x190 mm
Weight1,5 kg
Energy consumption230 (+- 10%) V, 50 Hz, 35 VA
Cell typeLength of optical way , mmSpectral range, mmInternal sizes, mmPacking, pc
10031Polystyrene one use MACRO cells10From 34 nm10х10х44100
10032Polystryrene one use SEMI MICRO cells10From 34 nm10х4х44100
10033 Glass cells10From 34 nm10х10х431