Bilirubinometer BF-CN-01


BF-CN-01 model

Bilirubinometer is intended for determination of the general bilirubin in blood of newborns and adults. It can be applied in maternity hospitals, clinics, centers of mother and child health protection, in departments of the emergency medicine, etc.

  • Fast diagnostics in case of jaundice symptoms at newborns
  • Reagent adding is not required
  • Measurement duration is no more than 2-3 seconds
  • Small volume of sample

Jaundice at newborns

Newborns in case of the increased content of bilirubin have a jaundice. Bilirubin has toxic effect getting to the nervous system of the newborn. It is dangerous to brain and nervous centers. Therefore, diagnostics of bilirubin concentration in blood at newborns is especially important. Bilirubinometr SOLAR allows to carry out fast diagnostics in case of jaundice symptoms at newborns.


Bilirubinometer SOLAR is the express analyzer. Measurement duration is no more than 2-3 seconds

Easy to use

It is necessary just to insert cell with plasma into the device without reagent. Result will be in 2-3 seconds on the screen

Without adding reagent

Blood plasma is used for measurements, adding of reagent isn't required

Small volume of sample

It is required no more than 25 mcl of plasma for research
State registry SI of RB No. 03 25 0081 11
State registry SI UKE of UA-MI/3p-219-2000

Delivery set

  1. Bilirubinometer BF-CN-01
  2. Glass reusable two-section cell with length of optical way 0,2 mm – 1 pc
Gebral pronciplestwo-wave photometry
Light sourcelight-emitting diode
Range of measurements0 … 600 µmol/l
Error of measurements+-5%
Plasma volume for one researchno more than 25 mcl
Dimensions105 x 180 x 60 mm
Weight0,5 kg
Mains supply230V/50Hz (network adapter)
Energy consumptionno more than 5 VA

Cell type

Optical wave length, mm

Internal dimensions, mm

Packing, pc

Glass two-section cell