Analyzer of platelets aggregation AP2110

Analyzer of platelets aggregation

AP2110 model

The analyzer of platelets aggregation “SOLAR” is intended for the research in vitro of platelets’ aggregation properties by a turbidimetric method

  • Scope: medicine, veterinary science
  • Operates with reagents different types
  • Operates with reagents different producers


Aggregometer "Solar" defines aggregation activity of platelets, erythrocytes and activity of Willebrand factor

Aggregation curve

The curve of aggregation (aggregatogramm) is the graphic image of platelets activity

Cell section

Thermostatically controlled (37 °C) cell section with electronic magnetic agitator

Connection to the computer

It is necessary to connect it to the computer for operation with the analyzer of platelets aggregation. The software allows to register curve aggregations, to create the database, to compare aggregatogramm ("to superimpose" them), to create reports, etc.

Reagents of different type

Different reagents (aggregation inductors) can be used for research of aggregation: adrenaline (epinephrine), noradrenaline, collagen, ristomycin, thrombin, arachidonic acid, serotonin, etc. The choice of reagent is defined by diagnostics’ goals

Open system

Aggregometer "SOLAR" operates with reagents of different producers at the user's choice
State registry SI of RB No. 03 25 0235 08
State registry SI of the Russian Federation No. 16050-97
State registry SI UKE of UA-MI/3p-220-2000

The registered parameters

  • Level of aggregation (%)
  • Aggregation time (min:sek)
  • Speed of aggregation (%/min.)
  • Quantity of platelets (one thousand / mcl)

Delivery set

  • Analyzer of platelets aggregation AP2110
  • Polystyrine one-use cells - 3000 pieces
  • Anchors magnetic one-use - 3000 pieces
  • The program for operation with computer
By the additional order
  • Device of samples preparation PT2110
  • Polystyrine one-use cells
  • Magnetic one-use anchors
  • USB-COM adapter
  • Computer
  • Printer
Research methodaccording to Born
Principle of measurementturbidimetric
Diagram of measurementsingle-channel
Light sourcelight-emitting diode
Wavelength600 nanometers
DetectorPhoto diode
Photometric rangefrom 0,1 to 200% T
The volume of plasma (PRP) for one research0,45 ml
Cell sectionthermostatically controlled with the electronic magnetic mixer
Termostating temperature(37±0,5) °C
Cellsround, height is 45 mm, diameter is 8 mm
Connection to the personal computerRS232 or via the USB-COM adapter
335x235x125 mm
Weight4,0 kg
Energy consumption230 (±10%) V, 50 Hz, 40 VA
Cell type

Optical wave length, mm

Internal dimensions, mm

Packing, pc

Polystyrene round cells

Ø 8х45200

Magnetic one use anchors

Ø 1,8х45200
Block of samples preparation PT 2110
For preparation of samples by thermal stabilization
Nominal temperature of termostating is 37 °C more
Sets of the light filters KCC-01 and KCC-04
For checking of the device
Overall dimensions of the light filter in the frame is 12,5х12,5х45 mm more