About us

CJSC Spectroscopy, Optics and Lasers – Modern Developments (further “SOLAR”) for 27 years is a domestic innovative developer and the producer of equipment for clinic diagnostic laboratories of medical institutions, research and production laboratories of different fields of science, equipment, industrial and agricultural production, such as chemistry, biology, ecology, veterinary science, agrochemistry, criminalistics and forensic medicine, energetics, etc. The SOLAR brand is used almost all MPIs of Republic of Belarus, many universities and scientific institutes also different organizations in the countries near and far abroad.
The main direction of instrumentation of the company is development and serial release of devices from 90th years.

The next devices are produced serially at the moment:
Semi-automatic biochemical analyzers:

  • PM2111 photometer
  • Automated photometer PA2600
  • PV1251C spectrophotometer

Hemostasis analyzers:

  • Single-channel blood clotter CGL2111
  • Four-channel blood clotter CT2410
  • Analyzer of platelets aggregation AP2100

Express analyzers:

  • The urine express analyzer AM 2100 based on a method of dry chemistry for carrying out the screening urine analysis; also in version “Bee-Sure-S” for detection of the narcotic substances in the patient’s urine.
  • “Bilirubinometer BF-CN-01” for definition of billirubin concentration at newborns.
  • The fluorometric indicator of oil products “INPF-01 EP” for the oil products content at waters express analysis.

Equipment for scientific laboratories:

  • The spectrophotometer for educational laboratories “PV1251C”
  • Spectrophotometer of the research class “PB2201”
  • Spectrofluorimetr “CM2203”.

Now the majority of the released devices have undergone modernization of the case and control elements, mechanical and electronic components, the software to conform to modern requirements of consumers.

In 2012 the SOLAR company has developed and released the new and demanded for the Belarusian market device in the direction of hematology – “The automatic machine of coloring of blood slides AutoOMK-01” for automatic coloring of hematologic slides. The modern technologies applied in production have allowed to make the device competitive both at the price, and on functionality, in comparison with expensive foreign analogs.

More than 17 000 units of equipment are developed, produced and realized during activity of the enterprise. More than 40% are sold for export.

“SOLAR” has received many positive reviews about operation of the produced devices during its activity. It gained reputation of the modern, import-substituting, export-oriented innovative enterprise. SOLAR devices were repeatedly exhibited at such representative international exhibitions as “MEDIKA” in Dusseldorf, “ANALITIKA” and “LASER” in Munich, the international fair “INTERHOSPITAL” in Hanover and other.

The enterprise takes constant part at the medical exhibitions according to the field of the laboratory and diagnostic equipment held in Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

The competitiveness of the “SOLAR” equipment is confirmed with deliveries to the CIS countries and foreign countries: Japan, Germany, USA, England, Israel, Indonesia, etc.

The company carries out research and development (further research and development). Cooperation is carried out with many countries of EEU, both with the state organizations, and with private companies. The SOLAR company is ready to new developments in the perspective fields of science and technology within its professional qualities.

From history


Our enterprise exists since the end of 1990. At first it was structural division (scientific and technological center) of one of the first joint enterprises founded in Minsk.


The enterprise has for the first time presented the developments at international exhibition “LASER 91” in Munich (Germany). In the next years our devices were repeatedly exhibited at the international exhibitions: “MEDIKA” in D?sseldorf, “ANALITIKA” and “LASER” in Munich, “INTERHOSPITAL” in Hanover, “ANALYTICS EXPO” and “HEALTH CARE” in Moscow, “MEDICINE”, “HEALTH CARE” and “BELAGRO” in Minsk.


In January 1993, an independent legal entity was formed – CJSC Spectroscopy, Optics and Lasers – Avant-Garde Developments (CJSC SOLAR). The director was appointed Dvornikov Sergey Semenovich.

The main areas of activity were the development, manufacture and implementation of spectral analytical equipment, laser technology and optical components.


In 1994, Solar CJSC, together with the Japanese enterprise Tokyo Instruments Incorporation, established one of the first Belarusian-Japanese joint ventures SOLAR-TII, focused on the supply of products to Japanese and Western markets.


One of the structural divisions separated, the direction of which was the development of laser technology. From this moment to the present day, the main activity of SOLAR CJSC is the development and production of spectral analytical equipment.


A new device for determining bilirubin for newborns, Bilirubinometer BF-CN-01, which is widely used in maternity hospitals, has been registered and released.


SOLAR has developed and registered as a medical device – AutoOMK-01 Blood Smear Painting Machine, which is an analogue of expensive automatic painting systems of foreign manufacturers. The device is designed taking into account the wishes and needs of doctors of the CIS countries. As of 2020, about 300 units were delivered.


In the begining of 2013, our company began cooperation with the Russian company Factor-Honey LLC, which is a manufacturer of rapid tests for the detection of narcotic substances. “Express analyzer AM 2100” was modernized and adapted to work with test strips for the detection of narcotic drugs.

In January 2013, the research department completed the development of a new device – a radiation power meter for therapeutic and diagnostic lasers. МИМ-01 The device was designed and manufactured by order of the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for the RNPC Oncology and Radiology named after Alexandrov.


Specialists of the research and development department of SOLAR completed the development of a new device – an indicator of petroleum products ИНПФ-01 EP, designed to determine the contamination of drinking and wastewater with oil products, as well as to determine the presence of residues of combustion products of petroleum products.


CJSC SOLAR, commissioned by GNPO NPC NAS Belarus in materials science, based on the Oil Products Indicator device ИНПФ-01 EP has developed and produced 5 portable oil products indicator sets with a flow cuvette and with remote control for use at Minsk-1 National Airport to monitor emissions of aviation and other fuel to soil and surface water.


By order of LLC MedEkoTest (a small innovative company of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov) developed and manufactured a new portable photometer PhotoMET, which will be used in mobile environmental laboratories, as well as directly at sampling sites.


The SOLAR research department has completed the development and testing of a new compact portable semi-automatic biochemical analyzer РМ7, combining the main functionality of a full-fledged stationary analyzer.

During the activities of CJSC Spectroscopy, Optics and Lasers – Avangard Developments, more than 15,000 pieces of equipment were developed, produced and sold, of which more than 40% were sold for export (more than 2000 units were sold to the Russian Federation, more than 2000 units to Ukraine). The share of exports in 2019 was more than 50%.

The company pays great attention to innovative developments, modernization of devices, improvement of software, improvement of the quality of maintenance service, development of cooperation with public and private enterprises.