Department of research and development - Solar

Department of research and development

The department of research and development of CJSC SOLAR consists of the harmonious team of specialists: mechanical engineers, electronics engineers, programmers. Young and perspective specialists, also specialists with wide experience are working there.

The department of researches has developed 14 original devices from 1992 to 2013 which are used as in medicine, scientific research, and in various industries. There is the photometerthe spectrophotometerthe UV spectrophotometerspectrofluorometricthe densitometerthe analyzer of platelets aggregationthe urine express analyzerthe automatic machine for blood slides coloring and others among them.

Besides many works on production of individual devices for the third-party organizations, in particular, the measuring instrument for radiation power of therapeutic and diagnostic MIM-01 lasers for RCPC of oncology and radiology named after Alexandrov were performed.

Important part of work is continuous modernization already developed and sold devices taking into account new requirements.

There is own mechanical production, department of assembly and adjustment, the site of installation in CJSC SOLAR. Technological production process of devices of SOLAR consists of several stages:

  1. Production of details (Procuring operations and machining of details (turning, milling, boring, metalwork)
  2. Assembly and wiring of printed circuit boards
  3. Assembly of mechanical and optical-mechanical units
  4. Assembly and installation of product as a unit
  5. Adjustment and check of product for compliance of TC
  6. Packing of product